Space-Hardened DCDC Solution

Kepler Communications Sample

Some design comments,

The LDO’s charge pump can cause the output to feature noise. One way to reduce the high frequency components of the output voltage noise is by placing 10-100nF bypass caps nearest to the load. Another method would be to create a pi/EMI filter by adding a ferrite bead between the output and the load capacitors.

As for the feedback circuit layout considerations... The feedback voltage dividers needs to be as close as possible to the FB pin of both devices respectively. In the case of the LDO, the feedforward capacitor also needs to be placed closest to the FB and OUT pins.



Final Year Design Project (Capstone) ~ UWaterloo ECE '21

Smart gym mirror; low-cost solution leveraging CV/AI to reduce hardware complexity.


108-137 MHz Portable Airband Radio

Early working Prototype

Was too far away from an airport to listen to Airband Radio communication so instead tuned to Waterloo Regional Police Radio


Arduino Line Following Robot

Early working Prototype

More samples of my work...

Arduino BLE Ping Pong Ball Launcher

Embedded Systems Programming

More Coming Soon...